by Zachary


What? What is happening? What does this mean? Two things are happening...together.

First thing, BWC is moving into a new format, that is, a new batch of comics which are going to be episodic in nature and form a continuous storyline rather than one-shot jokes like we've been doing. What does that look like? You'll have to see. We've been working hard on these ideas and we think you'll really like them.


Second, in conjunction with this new storytelling approach, BWC is also going to stop regularly "airing" its weekly updates. Instead, just like a television show, we're going to have "on" and "off" seasons. On seasons will be during the fall and the spring; during that time, we'll post weekly updates as normal. During off seasons, there won't be a regular posting schedule. We may post comics here and there for major holidays or events, but not regularly, and not frequently. 


We haven't missed a post in 169 weeks STRAIGHT since BWC first went up on the internet, and that's not something I think any of us can say about anything in our lives, so we're very proud of that. However, in the interest of taking the comic in bigger and better directions, and also to accomodate our busy schedules, we are switching to the new! We are hereby currently in our first off-season, and plan on resuming regular posting in February.


If you want to be emailed when becuzwecan starts up again, scroll to the bottom of the page and send us an email with "EMAIL ME!" in the subject line, and you will recieve and email when the new seasons starts. Until then, keep checking back in case we do some holiday comics, and stay tuned for this spring when our secret plans finally come to fruition.


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